It will perform and provide results on any necessary work type, especially effective against fine powders such as dust in the dust collector, toner, flour, lithium - ion battery and sticky or clinging materials in the hopper, chute, silo and pipes. The micro vibration created by air-vibration type will in fact deplete the air between particles, condensing the substance, which will in turn make it more difficult to discharge. In contrast, the impacts by the Knocker will successfully discharge the work even if the content is made of fine particles or those with sticky materials.

The mechanism of material flow problems caused by micro vibration.

EXEN Air Knocker Versatility

Easily adjustable impact power with our original variable technology, requiring just manipulation of air compression pressure

This original technology allows one Air Knocker to be effective in various work environment, against seasonal and content variations.
The following chart indicates the ability of just one Air Knocker to accommodate ranges equaling multiple hammer types.

Variability Graph of Knocker Models. Corresponding to wide range of hammers.
Model Working Pressure MPa (PSI) Impulsive Force
Correspond to Hammer pound
RKV20P 0.3-0.7
Below 0.6lb
RKV30PB Below 1.0lb
RKV40PB 1.0-1.5lb
RKV60PB 1.5-3.0lb
RKV80PA 3.0-8.0lb
RKV100PA 6.0-15.0lb

Minimal consumption of air. Reduction of electricity in your factory!

In comparison, the air consumption rate for one impact of EXEN Air Knocker is dramatically lower than that of air vibrating type from competitors. Switching to our Air Knocker from air vibrating type in the similar class alone will greatly save you electric bills on compressors that account for 30% of electricity usage.
In comparison to piston vibration type in the similar class, you will be able to realize 85% reduction of air consumption. (In-house comparison)

Model CFM
EXEN Air Knocker
Company A Pneumatic Vibrator
MAX 1.2
(0.02 X 60 times)

85% reduction of
air consumption

Knockers with stainless steel-sanitary spec available as our standard model

Perfect for food & dairy, pharmaceutical, chemical and medicine products where corrosion is unacceptable! Moreover, the sanitary model (RKVS15, 20) with using ferrule cramp can do away with inconvenient tightening of the bolts. Mounting and dismounting within 10 seconds without any tools, so it does not require time for daily cleaning. Air Knocker will eliminate minimum of 240 seconds conventionally used to mount and dismount the bolts using additional tools.

EXEN Air Knocker Knockers with stainless steel-sanitary spec available as our standard model

Simple Add-on

Easy installation with simple welding on blocked areas or where you want flow to occur. Because you do not need to drill a hole anywhere, installation is possible while the content (with exceptions) is still in the hopper/container/chute/silo.
For the U-bolt type, which is optimum for bonding to pipes, it can be easily installed with tightening of bolts. In this case, welding is unnecessary, only bolt tightening tool is necessary!

EXEN Air Knocker Simple Add-on

Simple Maintenance Work

Replacing expendable parts on-the-spot is made simple. With only 4 replacement parts, tasks can be completed with just one equipment. Maintenance work on one knocker takes only 10 minutes.

One second interval strokes is made possible with our original technology unlike any other products in the market

Extremely effective for places where blockage often occurs.
Comparison with competitor A 3 second intervals (Please see website)

Outstanding durability

Cleared testing of 1 million impacts. (Tested at our internal lab)
Great reduction of damage on expendable parts because it does not continually vibrate as air vibrating type devices. You will be able to use it continuously for 3 years when used twice per minute, 8 hours a day and 365 days straight! (length may vary due to work conditions)

Comprehensive Air and Electric Type Control Panel

Our standard control panel is operated by our original air compression technology for timer control. The air type control panel (AOC-1B, HKA500A) is electricity free so all you need to do is to connect the air pipes to the control panel without wiring nor piping. In addition, electric timer version is also available.

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