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Model Code Number
 TV900   034049010
 TV1500   034049020



Vibration table is a vibrating device which has high-power vibration machine(motor) on rigidly table shaped stand. In industrial machinery field, the product is adopted in production line of food and medicine as filling of bulk material.

In other fields, the product is used for filling and let entraped air out in placing ready-mixed-concrete of precast products, such as U-shaped drainage, boundary block, segment,etc.

Principle of vibration table is producing vibration on each container, which has work piece in. EXEN, our company has developed vibration machine in construction field that goes back a long way. We also have abundant experiences in record of filling ready-mixed-concrete in precast factory. Now working on vibration table for industrial machinery also long period.(Made-to-order product)

Abundant in delivery records and experiences
Examples of delivery records of vibration table are as follows; in concrete precast factory, boundary block, retaining-wall, flume, channel, drainage, tunnel segment, and fish reef. As for industrial machinery, sand, ceramic powder, resin pellet, carbon, and so on take records. Also vibration table adopted as proof of product, filling-testing machine, and vibration testing machine of transportation.
Most suitable for placing ready-mixed-concrete in precast factory
Giving a suitable acceleration and frequency for cosolidation, vibration table complete its product homogeneous and beautiful surface. Cosolidate device for considerable reforming of working environment, product quality, productivity, and cost.
Most suitable for placing ready-mixed-concrete in precast factory
Enable to choose vibration types
Vibration table enables to choose circular or up-down rectilinear vibration by a vibration machine type and its installation. Generally, setting an electric type of KM vibration motor and an air type ball vibrator under the table makes circular vibration. Up-down rectilinear vibration occurs when setting two vibration motors or an air type piston vibrator under the table. Both vibrations are possible for vibration filling, though up-down rectilinear vibration is more suitable and there are no movable of mold nor unbalanced load(work piece). Circular vibration is suitable used for work piece stir and mix.
Enable to choose table figured types
Two types of figure in vibration table; single type places formwork on one table and separate type places that on two tables lined up parallel. Separate type applies to long formwork and has an advantage of vibration table being in compact size.
Enable to choose table figured types
Correspond to wide range of load weight
Correspond to wide range of load weight
Vibration table arranges prime mover corresponded to container size and wide range of load weight. Compact size adapts to an air type vibrator to 30W KM vibration motor type, large size adapts to 5 tons of load weight with KM series 3000W level separate table.
Produce more effects by changing the objects on to table
KM vibration motor series in vibration table uses three-phase induction motor. This enables to vary the vibration frequency by using inverter. By changing its frequency, it would be most suitable for work piece filling and mixture. Also, it is used to regulate the frequency to complete the surface clean after filling. For an air type vibrator, it controls by air pressure.
Utilizing air suspension and vibroisolating rubber for vibration control of production line
Utilizing air suspension and vibroisolating rubber for vibration control of production line
Adopting spring, vibroisolationg rubber, and air suspension for vibration control of table head and base. Air suspension with a high performance of vibration control, it works with great efficiency in vibration. Other than vibration control, air suspention is used for actuator of a production line. Using roller-line, carried container lifted with an air suspension and cut the container from the roller. After vibration filling, lower the air suspension and put back the container to roller-line. This line is most adopted in concrete precast factory line.
A service condition is further extended by a using a flip-flop motor
Flip-flop vibration motor can enables to choose two-step vibration force by rotating KM vibration motor in normal or reverse position.(System of getting 64% or 100% of vibration in standard centrifugal force) This system is functional without changing the setting of weight when there are two types of loads. Additionally, combination of an inverter to this system could extend vibration condition.
A service condition is further extended by a using a flip-flop motor
Enhancement of optional design
To use vibration table functionally, please contact us for various optional techniques.

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