Handy Held Vibrator(Hard shaft)

Optimum for masonry-work construction and test-piece manufacture including a precast product

ModelCode Number
 E25DS 000714000
 E23D 000707000
 E28D 000708000
 E32D 000709000
 E23DL 000710000
 E28DL 000711000
 E32DL 000712000
 E38DL 000713000


A Hard Shaft Handy Vibrator is a small and powerful concrete vibrator which linked the vibrating part with the motor part directly. It is mainly suitable for a masonry work and producing test-piece of a concrete precast product.

Excellent workability
A light weight (Maximun Gross Weight for standard model is 5kg) and handy, which makes workability excellet with superior vibration transmission. When an vibrating body is worn out, it can be replaced easily. We have variety of vibration body diameter of 23mm, 25mm, 28mm, and 32mm.
Vibration reduction at a handle
Vibration reduction at a handle
By adopting our original and specially designed rubber flange,we succeeded in reducing the vibration both at the vibrating body and handle.Moreover, vibration reduction rubber between the motor case and the handle.
Dual isolation structure
Dual isolation structure
We adopted dual isolation structure. one is a resin insulation between an armature shaft and a winding core. The other is a resin insulation between a motor casing and a filed core. Furthermore,by equipping the insulation cover inside the internal lead wire, we increased the safety.
Carbon brush
We adopted an carbon brush to abolish the contact failure by an armature and the damage on a commutator by wear of a brush.
Abundant line-up
We have 8 kinds of line-up to cope with the variety of work environment and usage.
Low noise
Low noise
By adopting anti-dust-double-filter,we succeeded in preventing the mortar invading into the core of a motor. Moreover, by innovating enhansed exhaust port, we succeeded in reducing an operation sound to 5dB.
An easy maintenance
Adhered concrete is easily removed since the bearing case and inlet portion are fluorine coated. An exhaust port configuration is simply designed which enables maintenance easier.

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